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Jordan & Jessica

Dougal & Fergus

Kellee and Lee are nothing short of phenomenal and make a business of making dreams come true. Because of them I was able to have my tow gorgeous boys attend when I married the love of my life and no even that!

They walked them and spruced them up before hand so they were calm (as calm as a 2yo LabX and Irish Setter can be) and all spick and span so that they could not just attend our wedding, but be our ring bearers!!!! The moment Kellee and Lee walked in our house for a consultation I knew they were a god-send.


My Fergus, who usually jumps up uncontrollably to love people he's just met was sitting calmly in front of Lee in about 2 seconds flat. He only diverted to seek cuddles from his new friend Kellee while we went through details of our day. From start to finish our experience with Guest of Honour Pet Chaperones was un-faultable.


Because of them the best day of my life was made complete by having my ADORED babies with us and playing a significant role. Kellee and Lee, you are absolutely amazing. Absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Jordan, Jessica, Dougal and Fergus

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