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Our Services

- We can support loads of different requests from proposals, weddings, funerals, photo shoots, formals, graduations.

If you would like to surprise your other half or your guests, the ssssshhhhhhhh factor is guaranteed.


- Complimentary Meet and Greet in your home.

We use this time to discuss your celebration details with you and most importantly we meet the Guest/s of Honour.

- Attendance at your wedding rehearsal (pending availability) or a visit the week before.

- All treats are supplied. Whatever their favourite is!!!

- Dress your pet in wedding attire as supplied by you.

- Honour Roll Pawsome Pack, our gift to you!

- Coordinate with your venue in case there are any do's and don'ts.

- Coordinate with your photographer to get those perfect photos throughout the day. 

- Coordinate with your celebrant, so you can enjoy a magical ceremony with your fur baby in attendance.

- We will supervise and care for your pet throughout the event. They are our top priority.


They are the Guest of Honour after all!

Anna Al Max 1.jpg
Beth James Toshi.jpg
Bron Dean Charlie.jpg

- Provide walks (weather permitting), treats, water and regular call of nature breaks including clean up and disposal. 


- Chauffeur drive them to all destinations/photo shoot locations safely.

Our vehicles are equipped with safety harnesses and safety barriers. We also have car crates, if requested.

Inspections of our vehicles are very welcome.


For interstate travel we also incorporate breaks at park locations to stop, get out of the car, have a drink, a treat, a walk, a sniff around and a call of nature.

They are with us 100% of the time they are in our care. They are never left unattended.

- On their return home we will ensure they are settled in with fresh water, food, plenty of love and cuddles, a safety inspection around the yard to ensure all gates are closed and indoor access eg doggy doors if applicable, are available to them etc.

- We also get details of a contact of your choice, to give a courtesy message to you as we are leaving, to confirm that all is well.

- For an extra charge we also offer pet sitting for the evening or until 7am the following day. Pet sitting can be supported in your home or at pet friendly accommodation Mercure Canberra located on Limestone Avenue. Give their reception a call to book a gorgeous pet friendly room on 02 6243 0000. If overnight pet sitting, pets must be collected by 7am or we can drop them home to you.

Weddings are our most popular request, but we are available for any celebration. Formals, funerals/celebrations of life, wedding proposals, graduations - if you want them there, we can bring them.

'Our promise to you is we will cherish them as if they were our own'

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