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Meet Lee & Kellee

​Between us we have 2 dogs,1 cat, 2 daughters, 2 sons, 3 grandbubbas and 2 extremely supportive husbands.

We both started out as volunteers at the RSPCA and have a passion for animal welfare and rescue.

We are both dog trainers and Lee has a background in dog behaviours.

Guest of Honour Pet Chaperones started in 2019. A friend of Kellees was getting married. Kellee asked her how she was going to involve her adored Aussie Bulldog, the brides reply was simply "I don't know and I would love more than anything to have him there.' Step in Kellee and Lee. It was that simple!!!!

Kellee and Lee brainstormed Guest of Honour Pet Chaperones. The foundation came from what they would want for their pets if they were to be chaperoned.

Guest of Honour Pet Chaperones is fully insured with police checks, WWVP cards and have completed

Pet First Aid Training

Our promise to you is simple 


'To fall in love with your pet is our guarantee. We respect your trust in us. We will care for them as if they are our very own'

'They're family, we understand completely!' L and K

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